Ansys Lumerical Case Studies

Lumerical products, solvers and interoperability features interact seamlessly, empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to solve the most challenging problems in photonics that include interacting optical, electrical and thermal effects.


Photonic System Design Software (PSDS)

Why is Ansys Lumerical the Industry Gold-Standard for Photonics Systems Design?

Usage Rate

  • Ansys Lumerical has been run in over 30 Million simulations worldwide.
  • Referenced in over 15,000 scientific papers and patents.

Trusted By

  • An active user base of over 50,000
  • By 90% of the Top Research Universities
  • All 10 Top IT Index Companies (INDXX)









Ansys Lumerical Case Studies

Learn how businesses across various industries use Lumerical to advance their products and systems.



Lumerical in Autonomous Driving (ADAS)



Lumerical in Silicon Photonics (SiPh)



Lumerical in Holographics (LFDs)












Ansys Lumerical In-Action

Ansys Lumerical case studies, video materials, and product reviews, showcasing software functionality, and practical application.

All-Inclusive Photonics System Suite
Ansys Lumerical
Eigenmode Expansion & Optical Propagation
Ansys Lumerical
Characterize Thermo & Electro-Optic Response
Ansys Lumerical






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