Battery Modeling and Simulation

SimuTech Group’s All-in-One Product Suite for Battery Modeling and Simulation

With increased demand for ultra-low power design approaches to power electronics and EV manufacturing, development in battery technology has become paramount. To save time and costs associated with battery-related analysis during R&D, pre-test modeling and simulation has become a prerequisite.

Watch our 4 Steps to Battery Powered System Infovideo below to learn about SimuTech Group’s unique approach to battery modeling and simulation, including:

    • The CFD-based multiscale module for quantifying the 3-D thermal and electrical capacity of batteries and thermal abuse scenarios, in conjunction with projectile impact modeling on a battery pack.
    • Tool kits involving linear and time-invariance (LTI) and singular value decomposition (SVD) ROM for constructing thermal reduced-order models (ROMs), providing each boilerplate and field-level temperature metrics at a module-based level.
    • Fixed Integration of electrical circuit models with thermal ROMs within to equip the user with a systems-level proficiency of battery thermal and electrical performance under various load-level designations.

Step 1: Electrical Battery Model

Step 2: Thermal Battery Model

Step 3: Electro Thermal Coupled Battery

Step 4: Battery Powered System Model