Ansys Zemax

Get to a qualified design quicker by streamlining optical, mechanical, and electrical workflows.

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Optical Design in a New Light

Whatever your project or application, Ansys optical design software can drive you to the best solution. Improve your optics workflow to spend more time validating and adding quality to your designs.

Together, Zemax OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder enable you to perform detailed and comprehensive analysis of the optical and opto-mechanical performance of your system when creating high-fidelity designs for consumer electronics, automotive, and high-tech applications.  

OpticStudio’s intuitive user interface includes easy-to-learn tools and design wizards that enable efficient design, simulation, and optimization of any optical system, while OpticsBuilder empowers you to design mechanical structures around optical components in minutes using exact component and ray tracing data. 

Zemax Products

Key Applications



  • Design optimization to wide field of view and tight package constraints
  • Best-in-class asphere and freeform design
  • Tolerance analyses to ensure manufacturability
  • Comprehensive Gaussian beam propagation tools
  • Analysis of absorbed power in optics and mechanics
  • Structural and thermal performance analysis
  • Only solution to combine imaging, illumination, and ToF analysis
  • Comprehensive modeling of diffractive optical elements
  • ZOS-API for bespoke analysis
  • Accurate biological tissue modeling under different conditions
  • Single software solutions for the full system (device and light/tissue interaction)
  • Efficient non-sequential ray-tracing with robust volume scattering model
  • Full system analysis: imaging engine, waveguide, gratings, and human eye
  • Calculate diffraction efficiency for gratings on waveguides
  • Edit grating properties and see system performance in real-time
  • Extensive optimization, analysis & tolerancing enable high-performance with high yields
  • Catch design errors early with stray light analysis
  • Package optical modules in tight spaces without compromising performance