Laser to Fiber Coupling | Optical Engineering Case Study


IRGLARE designs & manufactures high power quantum cascade lasers and specializes in infrared technologies for spectroscopic, imaging, and defense applications.

They came to SimuTech Group for assistance designing an optical system to couple light from a quantum cascade laser (QCL) to an optical fiber.


The original design had low coupling efficiency due to numerical aperture mismatch, and had a long total distance between the QCL output and fiber due to using off-the-shelf components. IRGlare wanted to optimize their optical system for best light coupling from the QCL to an optical fiber with minimal distance between the QCL and fiber, and collimation after the first element for ease of alignment.

I am very impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by SimuTech. With only a basic outline and one example of how previous systems were done, my engineer was able to complete the job quickly and provide several possible system designs that met my specifications. These system designs came with comparisons as well as a final system design best suited for our design specifications. The final design delivered was detailed enough for us to begin developing a prototype production through an external manufacturer.

– Ahmad Azim, Laser Engineer at IRGLARE

At A Glance

Technology Used

  • Ansys Zemax OpticStudio


  • Design an optical system to couple light from a quantum cascade laser (QCL) to an optical fiber


  • More than doubled coupling efficiency
  • Better than 30% reduction in length




With our in-house engineering expertise, we proposed several different solutions utilizing Ansys Zemax OpticStudio’s single mode fiber coupling analysis and optimization. This included solutions that used the existing lenses the customer was using as well as custom lens design solutions. Coupling efficiency was more than doubled, and length was reduced by over 30%.

By working with SimuTech on this project, IRGLARE saved the cost of a software acquisition as well as weeks of time in software training and simulation testing. SimuTech’s expert optics engineer was able to complete the project within design specifications and ahead of scheduled time.


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