Service Operations Engineering | Consulting

The Service Operations Engineering practice (SOE) assists clients in resolving business-driven technical difficulties where it is essential to have a thorough understanding of both the technical and business concerns at hand.



Professional Engineering, Quality Results

To reinforce our commitment to quality operations engineering, each consultant at SimuTech Group must have experience in both engineering and business.

Risk management, asset management, dependability planning, technology planning, business planning, business operations, capital budgeting, and economic analysis are just a few of the topics that our experts frequently cover.











Utility Engineering Services

SimuTech Group has a wealth of knowledge in both gas and electric utility challenges.

Major event investigations, rate case support, regulatory compliance, system reliability, infrastructure hardening, managing aging infrastructure, managing infrastructure integrity, and system planning.

In addition, modern integrations such as capital spending justification, smart grid, renewable energy, OT/IT convergence, litigation support, and many other related services.



Process Industry Services Consulting

With an emphasis on accident investigation and accident prevention, SimuTech Group also has a wealth of experience in the dependability and risk management of the process industry.

Included in this are assessments of the current state made using methods like Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA), Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), reliability, root cause, fault tree, event tree, and Bayesian uncertainty.

It also includes studies of mitigation measures, such as process risk reduction, adoption of new technology, and human factors.








Materials & Corrosion Engineering Services

The Materials & Corrosion Engineering team at SimuTech is ideally qualified to research and comprehend materials-related problems in a variety of applications, including medical, electronics, transportation, infrastructure, oil and gas, power generation, maritime, and others.

We can offer a thorough, integrated approach to complicated problem resolution because our employees can combine extensive knowledge with those of our mechanical, civil/structural, electrical, and chemical engineers, as well as statisticians, chemists, and polymer scientists.

SimuTech Group helps clients in a wide range of industries through its work in consulting, product development, litigation assistance, as well as holistic service operations engineering.

Our clients benefit from our ability to swiftly and accurately address challenging problems because of our broad perspective on materials concerns across numerous sectors and applications.




Professional Engineering Staff

The personnel in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, corrosion, and chemical engineering at SimuTech Group are all professionally licensed engineers.

Our metallurgists, polymer and corrosion scientists, electrochemists, and ceramists have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in the investigation and prevention of material failures.

Our scientists and engineers have a special capacity to advise on how to avoid issues early in the design cycle, when materials are being picked, as a result of this intimate acquaintance with all kinds of materials.












Services for Pipelines & Process Piping

The extensive system of pipelines and process piping is one of the most crucial parts of the infrastructure in the industrialized world.

Pipelines move gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, sewage, steam, and water.

The system of pipes that transport process fluids (such as air, steam, water, industrial gases, fuels, and chemicals) across an industrial plant is referred to as “process pipework” in general.

In some extremely harsh settings, pipes and process pipework are typically built of steel, cast iron, copper, or exotic metals.

Particularly in sewer systems and distribution lines using hydrocarbons, plastic materials are being used more and more.

Reinforced concrete is frequently used to construct water transmission lines with very large diameters.




Addressing Weld Fatigue, Mechanical Stress and Fluid Flow Issues

Our work has covered a variety of topics, including the soils around underground pipes, weld characterization, pipe mechanical stress, and fluid flow concerns.

Mitigating failure risk is crucial because of the potential repercussions of pipeline and plumbing failures.

SimuTech scientists and engineers offer in-depth technical expertise that has assisted our clients in minimizing risks effectively during pipeline and piping system design, layout, construction, and operation, as well as in the creation and execution of integrity and risk management programs.

The workforce at SimuTech Group has helped clients with preventive initiatives of various sizes, from assessing the design and construction of the process pipes at petrochemical plants to reviewing the overall integrity evaluation of long-distance oil/gas transmission pipeline systems.

Many Fortune 500 industrial and petrochemical firms, utilities, pipeline firms, insurers, and capital project lending institutions have used SimuTech’s pipeline and process piping expertise.













Energy-Efficient Fluids Transportation Planning

When moving fluids and gases across the country or inside a manufacturing site, pipelines and process piping are the safest, most energy-efficient option.

Nevertheless, given the enormous network of pipelines and piping, failures do happen, occasionally resulting in significant property damage or fatalities.

Numerous engineering and scientific disciplines must be considered in order to properly identify the cause(s) of such piping failures.

SimuTech Group is thus well positioned to examine pipeline and process piping failures because to its wide variety of skill sets, and it has done so countless times on everything from quarter-inch process tubing to 25-foot-long concrete water distribution pipelines.


Fracture Mechanics & Holistic Service Operations Engineering

SimuTech Group analyzes the effects of loads on systems or products using modeling and simulation to help with design and failure analysis.

The team is made up of multidisciplinary experts that have worked together to apply their combined skills to a variety of engineering problems.

We work on a variety of projects, including downhole oil and gas sector instruments, satellites, and medical devices.

SimuTech runs simulations on a high-performance computing cluster.

In addition, making use of the most cutting-edge finite element analysis (ANSYS Mechanical) and fracture mechanics (Ansys LS-Dyna) software currently on the market.

No matter the scale of the construction or the complexity of the materials used, the team can handle any modeling challenge.

Our team can also get experimental results to support and confirm our analytical models, with SimuTech’s lab facilities across the United States and Canada.  This is our commitment to service operations engineering consulting.



Our core mechanical service operations engineering:
  • Employing complex finite element models
  • Extensive analysis of fatigue and fracture
  • Evaluation of rotating machinery and vibration
  • Evaluation, testing, and modeling of material components
  • FE analysis combining structural, thermal, and fluid dynamics
  • Multiphysics analysis of fluid-structure interactions













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Related Mechanical Testing Services Offered


Campbell Testing

Measuring the natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotating turbine blade (bucket) rows.

Torsional Vibration

Determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a rotor train as it twists about the axis of rotation.

Vibration Diagnostics

Identify the root cause of noise and vibration problems in machinery via ODS, spectral, order tracking or joint time frequency analysis.