WHEN: April 15, 2021

HOUR: 6:30 PM (ET)

Canadian Simulation User Group

Digital transformation is the path every company is leveraging for optimization, differentiation, and growth. Business environments are changing more rapidly than ever, and technologists must innovate quickly to incorporate new features while reducing development costs and delivering new products to market before the competition.

Simulation experts like you are at the forefront of innovation, doing things differently, improving processes, products, and the entire design to manufacturing cycle in all industries. Here is where you have a forum for yourselves, to share stories, ideas and talk about the future of simulation.

Who should attend:
Executives, managers, developers, product engineers, researchers, industry leaders & academia across all industries from aerospace to automotive and beyond, who are directly involved in the virtual validation and simulation process.


• Three speakers, sharing simulation studies and challenges, followed with Q&A and open discussion, led by Amir Seif or AB Sciex.
• As we get closer to the date a formal agenda will be shared

Register to:

• Meet like minded individuals
• Build your network of connections in the simulation industry
• Share your stories, successes, and challenges


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