Ansys AIM Overview – Structural Capabilities


This webinar recording demonstrates the general advantages of using Ansys AIM, especially for current DesignSpace users looking to upgrade. The following features of Ansys AIM will be explored: Solid modeling: SpaceClaim Direct modeler Nonlinear contacts (Frictional, Frictionless, Rough) Ansys Fatigue Transient thermal analysis Nonlinear (large deformation) analysis Multiphysics capability (CFD, FSI, EM, Conjugate Heat Transfer) Guided workflows (Templates) Ansys Customization suite AIM provides a single environment (User Interface) where all the different simulations (physics) can be performed, eliminating the need to learn a different tool for each simulation type. Additionally, AIM is on a rapid update schedule (3 updates per year), allowing new features to be added quickly.

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