Ansys Multiphysics Software

Multiphysics simulation lets you explore all the real-world physical interactions a complex product may encounter during use. These interactions can impact product performance, safety, and longevity.

Connecting Simulations to Real-World Examples

Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity, and electromagnetic radiation can all affect performance. If you isolate these forces and examine them separately, you may not get an accurate prediction of product behavior.

Ansys Multiphysics software solutions can help you examine these effects in any combination, achieving the highest fidelity solution to eliminate reliability problems and design safe and effective products.


Multiphysics Simulations Aid Design
of Magnetic Induction Brakes

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Ansys Multiphysics Software | Applications

Fluid-structure Interactions

With Ansys Multiphysics Software, engineers can simulate the interactions of fluid forces with structures to receive a deeper understanding of product performance. Being able to account for multiple factors at the same time provides a stronger analysis on product behaviors.

Thermal Management

With Ansys Multiphysics Software, manage and optimize heat transfer between fluids and solids in order to maintain a desired temperature.  Most importantly, maximize performance output, alleviate maintenance costs, and extend the overall life of the product. Fluid flows can be analyzed to see how flows can cool and heat machine parts or equipment.

Microelectromechanical Systems

At the heart of IoT devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are constantly being improved upon for smaller and more efficient systems. Ansys multiphysics capabilities provide the ability to test for numerous complex factors in today’s complex IoT environment.




Ansys provides the complete end to end solution for turbomachinery whether you are designing wind turbines, jet engines, or turbochargers. Re-define your product’s limitations by using Ansys to help identify areas where you can maximize your product’s performance and efficiency.

Electronics Cooling

Managing temperatures for electronics is crucial, especially because electronics are becoming the center of many products. Ansys multiphysics software provides electronics cooling simulation solutions for chip, package, and board thermal analysis as well as thermo-mechanical stress analysis for accurate predictions of deformations and warping.

Power Integrity

Ensure your products are performing the way they were designed to. Ansys provides solutions for power delivery from chip to package, PCBs and chassis/casings. The Ansys multiphysics suite allows you to ensure power integrity for performance, reliability, and cost from chip-level power sign-off to automated AC operating performance prediction to DC power loss and thermal mitigation analyses.



Signal Integrity

The Ansys suite can help identify signal integrity issues during the design stages for electronics IC packages, PCBs, connectors, and other complex interconnects. Ansys helps predict EMI/EMC, signal integrity and power integrity issues before they occur, saving you the trouble from the start.

Electric Motors

Reduce design cost and optimize everything from the size, noise, efficiency, and durability of your electric motors. Ansys multiphysics software provides a robust set of electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical analyses with power electronic circuit simulation and embedded software tools to provide full insights on the motor system.


Analyze how your designs will respond to vibrations from different phenomena such as earthquakes, acoustic, and others. Ansys provides the capabilities and platform for single physics as well as multiphysics simulations to help you overcome your toughest vibration challenges.



Virtual Systems Prototyping

Ansys offers a comprehensive design methodology for simulating complex products with electrical, electronic, thermo-fluid, mechanical and embedded software components. From IoT products to automotive and avionic systems, Ansys enables you to simulate complete system models. This methodology offers 3D precision and reduced-order modeling (ROM) for verifying multi-domain system performance.


Offshore structures often have different requirements than traditional structures. Ansys Multiphysics Software provides the tools to accurately simulate the loads and effects of waves, currents, and wind-based phenomena.  Engineers can also employ virtual towing tanks to examine any flow or performance features such as hull resistance, self-propulsion, maneuvering, appendage shape, and vessel acceleration.

Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT)

An improper understanding of thermal management can result in deformations or overheated parts. Ansys provides high fidelity solutions to predict performance for the widest range of fluid-solid heat transfer problems, including but not limited to conjugate heat transfer (CHT) and thermal fluid–structure interaction (FSI).