Simulation in Industrial Equipment and Rotating Machinery 

To achieve targets, developers look at improving all aspects of machine performance.


Increase Process Stability and Mitigate System-Level Errors with Simulation

Industrial equipment and rotating machinery are designed by the need to deliver stronger performance with improved efficiency, safety, and durability to perform the necessary tasks.

However, as global integration pushes manufactures and heavy industries alike, the need to optimize processes and mitigate product failures has become more essential than ever.

The Impact of Simulation on the Future of Design Manufacturing

Designers and Analysts look at every aspect of the machines to find areas to improve for enhanced performance.

Having to take in many factors such as emissions of NOx, SOx, hydrocarbons, and soot, design engineers face several challenges in making energy efficient machinery while addressing emissions guidelines and standards.

Ansys Multiphysics capabilities offer the ability to factor in various real-world interactions and stresses to ensure accurate predictability in machine design.



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Generator Vibration Testing Services

Common Mechanical Testing services requested by clients across the United States and Canada.












Industrial Equipment and Rotating Machinery Diagnostics Testing


Advanced Vibration Measurement & Analysis

SimuTech Group’s expertise in advanced vibration measurements and services has gained recognition across North America due to our quality of analysis and commitment to precision, allowing businesses to approach their engineering problems with confidence.

Advanced techniques for testing includes modal testing (rap testing or bump testing), operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis, strain gage measurements, spectrum (signature) analysis, order tracking, joint time frequency (waterfall) analysis, demodulation and finite element analysis (FEA).

These capabilities plus state-of-the-art equipment, enables SimuTech to diagnose the root cause of noise and vibration problems.