Explicit Dynamics Consulting

SimuTech Group offers a complete range of explicit dynamics consulting services to drive products from concept to reality. Our team of experts have considerable experience with the world’s best tools such as Ansys STR, Ansys LS-DYNA and Ansys AUTODYN.

ANSYS Explicit Dynamics

“Implicit” and “Explicit” refer to two types of time integration methods used to perform dynamic simulations, such as crash tests.  Ansys Explicit Dynamics is renowned in the industry for its simulation capacity, both in terms of rapidity and accuracy.  Additionally, explicit time integration is more accurate and efficient for simulations involving Shock wave propagation, Large deformations and strains, Non-linear material behavior, Complex contact Fragmentation, and Non-linear buckling.

SimuTech Group software engineers can support your business with optimizing ANSYS explicit dynamics analysis software solutions.

Our team is capable of solving short-duration, large-strain, large-deformation, fracture, complete material failure, and structural problems with complex contact interactions, across multiple industries.



Explicit Dynamics | Field Testing Consultants

In addition to providing software support and mentoring services, we are also highly experienced in ‘live’ field testing and experiments for businesses across the United States and Canada.

SimuTech Group’s field testing supports a variety of industries and applications including nuclear containment blasts, drop test of electronic components, automotive crashes, rotating equipment failures, bird strikes in aerospace applications, as well as wave induced stresses in marine applications.



  • Regarding Ansys explicit dynamics consulting services, SimuTech Group has worked with a broad range of simulation applications, including projects that encompass events occurring during short time durations (ms, µs, ns).  In addition, applications subject to high deformations, large strains or fracture, and applications subject to complete material failure.
  • Moreover, we use intensive meshing and timing techniques to achieve maximum accuracy in results ranging from how well a hand-held electronic device will withstand a drop (drop test simulation) to external ballistics, to measuring median crash damage for trucks (crash test simulation) under various testing circumstances.





Additional Engineering Consulting Services

By Industry and Application



Motors and Generators

Modern motors and generators require optimal use of materials to produce the maximum possible torque in the smallest size increments to lower manufacturing costs, and maximize ROI.

Electric Machines

Various parameters of the EM base design can be studied to find their effect on the overall performance including sensitivity analysis, tuning augmentation, radiation gain, impedance matching losses, etc.

Touch Sensors

Touch sensors are ubiquitous in modern technology. Understanding the mutual capacitance of your screen with an outside dielectric is crucial in determining when a “touch” is recorded.

Wireless Integration

Wireless Integration Testing is a crucial component in determining the performance readiness of antennas in the presence of interference from each platform and neighboring antennas.

PCB Analysis

Many PCB-related problems require alterations via component placement, trace routing, or the plane metallization itself, all of which prove difficult to manage on the bench.

Signal Integrity

From layout of PCBs supporting high-speed lanes, cable assemblies, high-density connectors, and other interfaces, we capture existing design performance and identify core areas for improvement.


By leveraging advanced EM-field simulators dynamically linked to powerful harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulation, our engineers can break the cycle of repeated design iterations.

Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMI

Dynamically link advanced EM field solvers to power circuit simulators, predicting EMI/EMC performance of electrical devices through integrated workflows.

Electronics Cooling

Investigate the maximum temperature locations of EM systems, ensure incorporation of sufficient cooling schemes, and prevent over-heating of electronic parts and components.

Industry and Military Standards

Through simulation, ensure compliance with one (or more) industry and/or military technical standards such as IEC 60601-1 for Medical electrical equipment or MIL-STD-461E for EM interference.


Be it non-linear material properties, transient excitation, eddy current effect, proximity effect, or hysteresis, our engineers can determine the estimated core loss and thermal winding loss.

Sensitivity Analysis

Several consideration of the EM base design can be analyzed to determine their influence on the overall performance within a sensitivity analysis, including tuning augmentation, radiation gain, impedance matching losses, etc.

Failure Analysis

Determine if an interaction between operating equipment and the supporting structure has a statistical likelihood to create a destructive resonant operating condition resulting in equipment failure.

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