Electric Machine Design Consulting

Modern motors and generators require optimal use of materials to produce the maximum possible torque in the smallest size and lowest costs.  While modern software will give your business a leg-up, without having an on-staff electrical engineering expert, contextualizing the results for practical application may be challenging for your team.


Motor Modeling and Simulation

Electric Machines Axial Flux MotorAxial Flux Motor

Electric Machines Induction MotorInduction Motor

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Successful Analysis

We study the structural vibrations caused by the magnetic loads and the sound produced by these vibrations to simulate noise for NVH applications. For electric machine simulation, thermal models are used for temperature dependent effects on magnets. The motor performance can be extracted into reduced order models to study the effects of detailed controller models.

Electric Machines Induced Voltage

Electric Machines Torque

Electric Machines Powers

Electric Machines Magnetic Field DistributionMagnetic Field Distribution

Electric Machines Core Loss DistributionCore Loss Distribution

Electric Machines Torque Map

Electromagnetic Torque

Electric Machines Efficiency Map

Electric Machines Efficiency Mapping

Electric-Machine-Simulation-Core-Loss-DistributionElectric Machine Core Loss Distribution

Electric-Machines-Simulation-Rotor-Magnetic-Force-DistributionRotor Magnetic Force Distribution