Motion and Multiphysics Analysis

Ansys tools are widely recognized as the industry-leading multiphysics toolset.

They allow for accurate and robust coupling between the different physics modeling tools. These tools allow SimuTech Group to model a wide variety of multiphysics and multidisciplinary models.

These multiphysics interactions can be as simple as coupling of solid body temperatures for prestressing, to changing fluid volume due to rigid motion of solid bodies, to tightly coupled flexible deformation of the solid bodies reacting to the spatially and time-varying fluid pressure and shear forces.

CFD Consulting Projects

High-Pressure Pump

Investigated the fluid failure mechanism and redesign of a high-pressure reciprocating pump used to inject water into the reservoir in the fracking process. The model captured the transient multiphase flow as the pump piston and valve rigidly moved.

Ball Gate Valve

Performed a root cause analysis of the Ball gate valve, which was having vibration lifecycle problems. The analysis of the structural motion reacting to the turbulent fluid identified the problem, and with a small change to the design, fixed the lifecycle problems.

Industrial Duct

Analyzed the turbulent vortex shedding and the potential fluid-structural interaction caused by the fluid vortices that could be shed of the internal duct structure.

Reciprocating Engine

Calculated the spatial and time-varying solid body temperature using conjugate heat transfer model in a transient, compressible fluid system. The fluid model was used with a corresponding structural model to identify areas of high stress due to thermal loading.

Reciprocating Compressor

Modeled the transient effects within a reciprocating compressor with compressible methane gas utilizing Ansys Fluent’s moving mesh capabilities.