Multiphase Free Surface Flow | Ansys Webinar

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Multiphase Free Surface Flow (CFD)

Ansys computation fluid dynamics offers the most comprehensive selection of complex turbulence and physical models to precisely simulate the most difficult engineering problems.

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 Multiphase Free Surface Flow | Recent CFD Projects

Biomedical Device

Analyzed the atomization of a liquid stream into droplets before automated sorting, which captured the laminar surface tension-driven breakup at the free surface.

Large Ocean Vessel

Calculated the transient pressure and shear loading on a large ocean-going vessel while moving through different sea states.


Calculated the film distribution and thickness during the spin coating process at various rotational speeds and therefore high g-force loaded films for various viscous liquids.

Mixing Tank

Calculated the height deformation of a free surface with its vortex calculation from added momentum of a high-speed impeller in a biomedical mixing tank.

Water Storage Tanks

Predicted diurnal flow patterns to ensure effective water replacement in a wastewater storage tank.



Advanced CFD Modeling

The volume of fluid method opens up fresh opportunities for complex modeling, necessitating greater preparation on the side of the CFD engineer.

Additionally, new boundary conditions that change with vertical position are necessary because to the volume fraction.  However, keep in mind the hydrostatic pressure. The meshing technique may get more complex, needing additional advancements at the free surface transition.

While we advise Ansys Fluent, some CFD analysis software toolkit will be required for post-processing to see the free surface. Volume of fluid (VOF), in short, is difficult to define.  Ultimately, this is why we strongly recommend seeking advice from engineering experts for expensive projects which require computational accuracy and swift execution.