Wireless Integration Consulting

Integration of antennas in complex environments is increasingly common in today’s industry with the mass exodus from wired to wireless technology.

Contact for Wireless Integraton Consulting

Common applications include the following:


Standalone antenna optimization

(gain, return loss, efficiency, etc.)


7×7 WR90 Waveguide Array

Phased array beamforming applications


7×7 WR90 Waveguide Array

Antenna placement in large scenes


Antenna placement on naval ship mast (3600 wavelengths long)

RF interference between wireless systems


RF cosite interference matrix between radio systems

RF driver/receiver circuit analysis


RFID transponder driver and tag receiver circuit models for package tracking

Link budget analysis


Link margin of helicopter RF systems through receiver chain

Radar engagement scenes for ADAS


Radar engagement scene simulation

Radar cross section (RCS) analysis


RCS Profiling

ISAR Imaging


Space station and helicopter (fading animation isolating hotspots)

Range Profiling


Stacked & standard range plotting via plane range simulations

Microwave Pathing


In-depth Microwave Path Profiling & Analysis

RFID Testing


Modeling of RFID Tag Antennas

Wireless Experts’ Mobile and Wireless Integration Consulting

Dramatic advances in wireless and mobile technology have opened up new business prospects. It is now possible to totally change how businesses function and conduct business. Businesses will become more productive, cost-effective, and efficient as a result of this shift. With its vast Internet of Things (IoT), improved mobile experience, and mission-critical connectivity, the next 5G wireless technology is expected to alter a variety of industries. Our wireless professionals are prepared to address these new technological and commercial difficulties and offer creative solutions.

We cater to three major industry sectors, with Enterprise and Vertical Markets being the largest. Since mobile and wireless have a “horizontal” impact on how we live, work, and interact.

Almost every business has started utilizing wireless and mobile technologies to enable its mobile workforce. Solutions for this category typically combine a number of wireless technologies, such as WiFi, RTLS, and RFID, to improve asset visibility in a smart hospital. Equipment and software vendors that produce mobile and wireless goods and solutions for diverse markets make up the second broad group.

The third type consists of service providers, such as cable and wireless operators, who install wireless infrastructure to increase capacity and expand coverage in order to support the mobile era. This covers WiFi access points, DAS networks, and small cells with integrated LTE-WiFi.

On the development of products and solutions for mobile and wireless technologies, SimuTech Group provides consulting services to businesses in a variety of vertical areas. We add value to your company through consulting and effective solutions.