Wireless Integration

Integration of antennas in complex environments is increasingly common in today’s industry with the mass exodus from wired to wireless technology.

Common applications include the following:

Standalone antenna optimization (gain, return loss, efficiency, etc.)

7×7 WR90 Waveguide Array

Phased array beamforming applications

7×7 WR90 Waveguide Array

Antenna placement in large scenes

Antenna placement on naval ship mast (3600 wavelengths long

RF interference between wireless systems

RF cosite interference matrix between radio systems

RF driver/receiver circuit analysis

RFID transponder driver and tag receiver circuit models for package tracking

Link budget analysis

Link margin of helicopter RF systems through receiver chain

Radar engagement scenes for ADAS

Radar engagement scene near guardrail

Radar cross section (RCS) analysis

Space station radar cross section profile

ISAR Imaging

Space station and helicopter (space station needs fading animation to show hotspots)

Range Profile

Stacked and standard range profile for airplane