Multiphase Flow (Particle Tracking Analysis)

The flow of multiphase conditions including liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, granular, separated, and dispersed in complex geometries can be calculated by including additional multiphase models.

3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry Services

For multiphase flow and particle tracking analysis consulting, our engineers provide fully tailored image-based flow measurement solutions, including design, component assembly, setup, recording, post-processing, and analysis.

With 20+ years of experience at the cutting edge of engineering research across North America, our expertise in 3D particle tracking velocimetry (3D-PTV) stands amongst industry’s finest.

Customized project requests, with even more complicated physics, such as phase change, chemistry/reactions, dispersed phase breakup, and flow regime variation, can also be included within a single project quote.



Multiphase Velocity Flow

Water Navigation through Pipes & Passages

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Field Evaluation on Multiphase Flow

Be it separator’s inlet piping optimization or testing & analysis of the Basis of Design (enhanced separator design, internals variety), unique Multiphase Flow studies can be performed to make quick decisions for your business and improve the scope of flow assurance studies.


Information Sharing

Knowledge sharing is a core component in SimuTech Group consulting. With expertise in training from “Modeling and Applications” level in different topics including Multiphase Flow and Applications, Multiphase Flow Conditioning, Flow Assurance, Compact/Cyclonic Separation, and much more... is made completely available to our clients.


Specialized Software Training

On-site consulting is available, along with Technical Software Training (on-site or remote) for Modeling Tools underpinning the deployment of field applications. Tackle technology gaps between models developed at universities and modeling tools needed to support real-life field applications.

Recent Particle Tracking & Multiphase Flow Consulting Projects

Spray Quench Tower

Calculated the cooling, corrosion, and erosion effects of water spray using particle tracking and phase change models to capture the complex multiphase interactions on the internal surfaces of the quench tower.

Oil and Gas Pipeline (Flow Assurance)

Calculated the resulting turbulent fluid motion resulting from the mixing of black oil/natural gas and water in unusual operating conditions for undersea pipelines.

Flow Control Devices (FCD) and SAGD Liners

Predicted pressure drops and erosion in “Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage” bitumen recovery systems and production. This required modeling the multiphase bitumen-water emulsion flow through various flow control devices at downhole conditions, including the flashing effect for the SAGD extraction process.

Diesel Spray Injector

Modeled the spray injector to predict the cavitation location and rate. This was used to look at the implications on the resulting spray during the cyclic transient injection of a diesel injector.

Choke Valve

Calculates the multiphase flow rate across a choke valve at various pressures, corresponding gas oil ratios (GOR), and valve positions.



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Related Ansys CFD Software Capabilities

  • Particle tracking with numerous advanced physics, including particle breakup, collision, contact, coalescence, phase change, and combustion
  • Dense multiphase liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, and granular flow
  • Porous media flow for both single and multiphase flow conditions
  • Multiphase phase change models, including cavitation, boiling, wall boiling, condensation, species transfer, and flashing