Multibody Dynamics Simulation Consulting

Multibody dynamics or kinematic analyses are often considered when the motion or displacement of an assembly is dominated by the joints within the system.

Kinematic Analysis of Human Movement

SimuTech Group’s multibody dynamics and kinematic consulting services utilize state of the art Ansys Motion™ analysis technology to measure and enhance biotechnological advancements, human movement patterns and performance, as well as consumer goods and daily activities.

Real-world examples frequently employ kinematics. To calculate speed and acceleration, for instance, Kinematics can assist your engineering team in precise determination of the velocity and acceleration of a moving object at each instant in time, if you were to construct a system that could transport an object from one location to another automatically.

A kinematic analysis is deemed rigid when deflections are totally characterized by the joints, or can be flexible, when the stiffness of the moving parts is taken into consideration.

Recent Multibody Dynamics Consulting Projects

Actuation Analysis of Airplane Landing Gear

Kinematic simulation to determine actuation forces for extension/reaction. Internal join forces also generated for static structural analysis. Results were used for component fatigue evaluation.  Bar mechanisms were used to best portray the general suggestions for the corresponding airplane design.

Kinematic Analysis of Human Movement

Biology and medicine both benefit from having a basic understanding of the kinematics of human movement. Motion analysis can be used to assess how well limbs work both normally and abnormally. Kinematic understanding is also crucial for accurate joint disease diagnosis, surgical therapy, and prosthetic device design.

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

In a biomechanical gait analysis research, SimuTech Group engineers use the latest cutting-edge equipment to examine the position of the feet both at rest and in motion as well as the movements of the knees, hips, and spine. Our engineering team is now better able to recognize and address the biomechanical factors that lead to modifications.

Power Generation Ducting Door Actuation

Investigation into the drive power requirements for actuation of a large door used in the exhaust ducting of a gas power plant.  Advanced critical point trace plots conducted.

Kinematic Linkage Acceleration

Investigation into industrial linkage acceleration motion to determine peak internal loading.   On-site field testing was employed for practical load cycle prediction for fatigue evaluation input.

Heavy Equipment Trailer Suspension

Simulation of tracked trailer suspension system under terrain loading.  In addition, a system level simulation to determine interaction with controls.

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