Fluid Flow & Thermal Applications (CFD) Consulting

Reduce design failures and optimize engineering designs with simulation.

Solve real-world engineering challenges and have a better understanding of complex fluid flow, thermal heat transfer, and related flow processes that occur in different environments.

At SimuTech Group, we have established our expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting with years of CFD project work in medical, manufacturing and rotational machinery, aerospace, marine, motion & multiphysics, civil and automotive. Our work has been comprehensively benchmarked by experiments and in-service testing.

Our collection of case studies delivers hard evidence of our many successful CFD consulting projects: dispersed particle flow, telemetry-based communications equipment, traditional energy & bio-fuel combustion, aerodynamic drag, hydroelectric spillways, acoustic pressure wave calculation, power electronics and broadband noise models, to name a few.



In CFD and largely, all categories of engineering simulation, experience is king.   That is, realizing whether one merely has an visually appealing animation or a true digital twin that can be taken from design into production. This is SimuTech Group’s competitive edge and our value proposition to our clients.

If you have a need for experienced CFD consultants, SimuTech Group has continually expanded its client base since for over 40 years, with more than 700+ projects.  If unsure whether your project request aligns with our skillsets, please feel free to contact our specialists, and learn how we can assist your specific CFD consulting request.


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Thermal Analysis (Heat Transfer)

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Reacting Flow, Chemistry, and Combustion Analysis

Motion and Multiphysics Analysis

Free Surface Analysis

Multiphase Flow Analysis


Aeroacoustics Analysis