Photonics Consulting Services

With SimuTech Group consulting, easily optimize designs, improve device robustness, and analyze photonic circuits.

Powerful simulation software and design-for-manufacturing best practices enable businesses to speed up design cycles, improve product resilience to fabrication defects, analyze post-fabrication effects, and develop products suitable for mass production.

Solutions include:

  • Design-for-test Methodology – Overview PIC layouts to identify problematic designs that prevent effect testing/packaging.
  • Packaging Feasibility – Provide insight and suggest methods for electro-optical co-packaging, optical I/O packaging, multi-chip PIC integration.
  • Scripted Design Workflow – Developing Lumerical scripts or custom python scripts via the Lumerical API can improve simulation setup time, automate collection of data, and enable interoperability to custom scripts/programs.
  • Simulation Assistance – Perform Convergence Tests to identify changes in the simulation setup that lead to reduced computational requirements and faster simulation times.
  • Fabrication Analysis – Identifying fabrication variations and their impact on device performance. This includes parameter changes, yield rate estimates, and lithography effects.
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fabrication variation analysis

Simulate sidewall roughness with Ansys Lumerical. Sidewall roughness can have minor to severe impacts depending on the photonic device, thus sidewall angles are fabrication tolerances that should be considered. Built as a toggle feature, including sidewall angles into device simulations is made simple with Lumerical.

This Y-branch splitter is a fundamental building block component for photonic integrated circuits. The device intakes the transmitted signal, and splits it 50/50 down two separate paths. The device could also operate in reverse to combine signals which allows for complex circuits and devices to be created.

If you need photonic design consultation, feasibility discussions, photonic packaging methodologies, or general photonics mentorship, our highly-skilled photonic engineers are ready to assist.

SimuTech Group has been growing our consulting portfolio for 40 years, boasting 4000+ projects across a range of physics. Have questions regarding your project request? Submit your request.


Additional Engineering Consulting Services

By Industry and Application



Motors and Generators

Modern motors and generators require optimal use of materials to produce the maximum possible torque in the smallest size increments to lower manufacturing costs, and maximize ROI.

Electric Machines

Various parameters of the EM base design can be studied to find their effect on the overall performance including sensitivity analysis, tuning augmentation, radiation gain, impedance matching losses, etc.

Wireless Integration

Wireless Integration Testing is a crucial component in determining the performance readiness of antennas in the presence of interference from each platform and neighboring antennas.

PCB Analysis

Many PCB-related problems require alterations via component placement, trace routing, or the plane metallization itself, all of which prove difficult to manage on the bench.

Signal Integrity

From layout of PCBs supporting high-speed lanes, cable assemblies, high-density connectors, and other interfaces, we capture existing design performance and identify core areas for improvement.


By leveraging advanced EM-field simulators dynamically linked to powerful harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulation, our engineers can break the cycle of repeated design iterations.

Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMI

Dynamically link advanced EM field solvers to power circuit simulators, predicting EMI/EMC performance of electrical devices through integrated workflows.

Electronics Cooling

Investigate the maximum temperature locations of EM systems, ensure incorporation of sufficient cooling schemes, and prevent over-heating of electronic parts and components.

Industry and Military Standards

Through simulation, ensure compliance with one (or more) industry and/or military technical standards such as IEC 60601-1 for Medical electrical equipment or MIL-STD-461E for EM interference.


Be it non-linear material properties, transient excitation, eddy current effect, proximity effect, or hysteresis, our engineers can determine the estimated core loss and thermal winding loss.

Sensitivity Analysis

Several consideration of the EM base design can be analyzed to determine their influence on the overall performance within a sensitivity analysis, including tuning augmentation, radiation gain, impedance matching losses, etc.

Failure Analysis

Determine if an interaction between operating equipment and the supporting structure has a statistical likelihood to create a destructive resonant operating condition resulting in equipment failure.