Electromagnetic (EMAG) Testing Consulting Services

Simulate the interaction of systems and their electronics with electromagnetic environments.

EMAG Engineering Experts

Accurately predict the performance of today’s increasingly complex smart products with both low and high-frequency simulations, without numerous and expensive prototype interactions.

SimuTech Group is an industry leader with a track record of success in engineering consulting and simuation technology across numerous sectors.



Electromagnetic Testing & Analysis

Through comprehensive electromagnetic testing and analysis, our engineers can address EM problems at all stages, from prototyping to power performance testing to consumer products.

SimuTech Group’s expertise in electronics design and layout allows us to customize all electrical applications to best fit the specific requirements of each project.

We hold ourselves to high standards in quality, promptness, and resourcefulness.

Communication and transparency throughout the process is a core value of SimuTech Group for all our ongoing projects, ensuring that our clients know that ad-hoc needs and adjustments are heard, and actively addressed.

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Consulting Applications

Electric Machines

Various parameters of the EM base design can be studied to find their effect on the overall performance including sensitivity analysis, tuning augmentation, radiation gain, impedance matching losses, etc.

PCB Analysis

Many PCB-related problems require alterations via component placement, trace routing, or the plane metallization itself, all of which prove difficult to manage on the bench.

Wireless Integration

Wireless Integration Testing is a crucial component in determining the performance readiness of antennas in the presence of interference from each platform and neighboring antennas.

Electromagnetic Compatibility and EMI

Dynamically link advanced EM field solvers to power circuit simulators, predicting EMI/EMC performance of electrical devices through integrated workflows.

Signal Integrity

From layout of PCBs supporting high-speed lanes, cable assemblies, high-density connectors, and other interfaces, we capture existing design performance and identify core areas for improvement.


By leveraging advanced EM-field simulators dynamically linked to powerful harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulation, our engineers can break the cycle of repeated design iterations.

Electronics Cooling

Investigate the maximum temperature locations of EM systems, ensure incorporation of sufficient cooling schemes, and prevent over-heating of electronic parts and components.


Be it non-linear material properties, transient excitation, eddy current effect, proximity effect, or hysteresis, our engineers can determine the estimated core loss and thermal winding loss.

Induction Heating

Explore the intricacies, applications, and examples of induction heating: a process that heats electrically conductive bodies as a result of changing magnetic fields.