Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control

Electronic devices and systems of the 21st century are becoming smaller and more powerful. It is the task of the engineer to design and build these products with ever-decreasing timelines.

An integral part of this shortened production cycle is to predict the thermal behavior of the device or system under operation prior to build, to avoid costly lab testing for design validation.

Our customers are often interested in investigating the maximum temperature locations in their systems, to ensure that sufficient cooling schemes have been incorporated to prevent over-heating of parts and components.


Conjugate Heat and Thermal Stress Simulation in a U-Tube Exchanger



Thermal Analysis using Workbench Software |
Environmental Conditioning for DTD

We can help our customers analyze and understand the complex fluid flow and heat transfer mechanisms within their equipment.

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Thermal Simulation | Surface-to-Surface Radiation


Analyze Heat Transfer by Conduction, Convection, and Radiation



Predicting the Effects of Induction Heating with Simulation