PCB Design Analysis & Consulting

Our engineers can quickly analyze the full gamut of PCB design related electrical and/or frequency issues within minutes, including those arising from the most complex circuit board layouts, and optimize your design straight from the layout file.

Coupling ANSYS Icepak with ANSYS SIwave on printed circuit board

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PCB Consulting | Common Applications Tested:


  • DCIR Power Loss Analysis
  • Transmission Line Propagation Delay Analysis
  • Electric Arc shape and Weld Bead Geometry Analysis
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Near and Far Field Radiated Emissions of Large PCB
  • Radiated Susceptibility
  • Measuring DCIR of Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Enclosure Design
  • Power Integrity Analysis, such as optimal PDN routing and decoupling capacitor placement

Take Your PCB Project to the Next Level

When it comes to fast, cost-effect design and development of high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs), leverage Ansys simulation software technology combined with SimuTech Group’s design, testing, and consulting services. With over 40 years of experience and Ansys Apex Partner status, SimuTech’s team of expert engineers ensures optimized PCB designs by addressing electrical and frequency issues, enhancing power and signal integrity, and reducing prototype cycles.‚Äč