Rotating Machinery Analysis

Ansys has a full suite of advanced technologies that allow for timely and accurate modeling of rotating machinery.  If your engineering team needs assistance with software optimization for effective modeling and analysis of rotating machinery, SimuTech Group has you covered.

Rotating Machinery Consulting Services

The rotating frame of reference formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations is used to include the motion of rotating components like rotors, impellers, and mixers. This method does not require a remesh to capture the motion coupling.  That is, to the standard stationary formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations.

This process allows Ansys CFD software to accurately capture the fluid motion. Therefore, enhancing the performance of rotating machinery like pumps, mixing tanks, fans, compressors, and turbines. Ansys technologies include advanced turbulent models, like the mentor laminar-transitional SST turbulent model.

Moreover, these platforms have a long history of validated use in modeling rotating machinery.  For example, the real gas properties of the fluid can be included along with multiphase effects like cavitation.  Crucially, these front-end analyses help to ensure accurate calculation of each on and off design performance.


Supported Industries for Heavy Machinery Consulting Services

Common industries supported include steel plants, chemical transportation, paper and pulp, textiles food and agriculture, glass and various others which utilize the regulation of hot air generated from heavy machinery.


Recent Projects | Rotating Machinery Consulting (CFD)

Blood Pump Modeling

Predicted the hydraulic performance, flow residence time, and relative hemolysis levels.   Moreover, in-depth testing of a centrifugal blood pump over intended range of use.  Tests including, incorporated cross Non-Newtonian blood viscosity, and Eulerian-based hemolysis generation models.

Electrical Submersible Pump Analysis

Modeled the turbulent, single, and multiphase flow conditions in several electric submersible pumps using the advanced multiple frames of reference models in Ansys CFX to improve the pump’s performance.

Advanced Rotordynamics Analysis

Served as the technical lead on projects for each the government and the private sector, requiring precise assessments of rotating machinery’s rotordynamics, bearings, vibration, stress, and life prediction.

Compressible Application of Industrial Fan

In comparison to centrifugal fans of comparable capacity, axial fans are more compact and have less rotational mass.  Consequently, our team evaluated the effectiveness of different geometric fan design changes for a turbulent compressible application.

Cryogenic Turbopump Vibration

A defense-focused liquid hydrogen turbopump and a recently announced first stage turbine blisk were the subjects of rotordynamic analyses on cryogenic turbopumps. Advanced vibration assessments on turbomachinery blading that were performed, guided, and presented to the client.

Pharmaceutical Bioreactor Mixing Tank

Calculated the species transportation and mixing time.  Simulation included transient turbulent impeller-stirred bioreactor tank with different injection scenarios.

Rotor Integrity

Involved in conceptual design, manufacture, configuration analysis, and field problem investigation on rotating engine components for commercial turbofan and turboprop engines were defined, coordinated, directed, and assessed.

Fluid Film Bearing

Providing extensive vibration analysis and testing, machine design, finite element analysis, rolling element and fluid film bearing design and analysis, and advanced fatigue life forecasting.

Underwater Turbine

Predicted the underwater turbine performance and the impact of the transient vortex shedding on the structural support.


Practical Application of CFD Analysis | Additional Consulting Services


Thermal Analysis (Heat Transfer)

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Reacting Flow, Chemistry, and Combustion Analysis

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

Free Surface Analysis

Multiphase Flow Analysis


Aeroacoustics Analysis


Related CFD Machinery Services & Capabilities

  • Fully turbulent, transitional, and laminar flow models for all fluid turbulent conditions
  • Complex material models including real gas models and multiphase models
  • Frozen rotor, mixing (stage), transient, time transformation, and Fourier transformation interfaces between rotating and stationary domains
  • Rotating machinery meshing (TurboGrid) and post processing
  • Ad-hoc, specialized project requests requiring advanced rotating machinery consulting services