Composites Analysis Simulation Consulting

Composite simulations add an extra degree of complexity over other simulations.

One can utilize dynamics, advanced non-linear capabilities and thermal, combined with additional factors of ply orientation, fibre/resin properties, draping, curing stresses, degradation fields, progressive failure, and complex failure criteria.

The Ansys Composite Prep/Post module facilitates the generation and subsequent post processing of models. Our expertise includes composite manufacturing processes, thin and thick composite capabilities, material experience, localized attachments and thermal.

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FEA Consulting Projects

Bird Strike

Investigation into bird impact into belly mounted radome considering composite variations due to environment / manufacturing.

Rotary Aircraft Panel Evaluation

Evaluation of composite helicopter panel for mounting of external surveillance equipment.

Tractor Trailer Rear Fairing Evaluation

Structural and dynamic evaluation of trailer fairing used for vehicle drag reduction.

Water Park Slide Substantiation

Detailed model of complete water slide assembly for evaluation of rider, wind and seismic loading.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Liners

Analysis of structure under exhaust gas loading.

Hopper Barge Frame Replacement

Feasibility study to replace steel frame with FRP composite panels.

4m-Class Composite Reflector Antenna

Analysis for survivability at extreme winds.

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