Moment Weighing Testing

Moment weighing is a technique for locating an object’s center of gravity.

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In short, the moment or “moment weight” of a turbine blade is merely the product of its weight times the distance from a reference axis to its CG.

Commonalities exist across all turbine blades, regardless of application or industry.  In fact, there are three moment weights for any turbine blade: radial, transverse, and axial.

The transverse and axial moment weight are invariably measured relative to the central (“datum” or “stacking”) axis of the corresponding blade.




Radial moment weight is typically characterized relative to the center of rotation of the turbine rotor.

However, contingent on the blade-type, may instead be defined in relation to the Z-plane at the root of the blade (the segment of the propeller blade that fits into the hub).




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