Wind Turbine Testing & Consulting

SimuTech Group provides wind turbine power curve measurement and other power performance testing services to wind farm owners and operators and wind turbine manufacturers.



Wind Turbine Testing Services

SimuTech Group is committed to offering the highest quality professional service at extremely competitive rates as well as safety and compliance with OSHA and other safety standards imposed by regulating bodies including the standards developed by the customer.

We have developed the most reliable test installation techniques in the industry, as we know that the cost of failed test hardware can be very high.

We have our own internal standards and have never had a safety related incident. All representatives of SimuTech Group working in the field carry current first aid, AED, and CPR credentials and are professionally trained for working at heights and working in confined spaces.








We are an A2LA accredited lab and certified to:

  • IEC 61400-12 power performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbine
  • IEC 61400-13 wind turbine mechanical loads test specification









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Related Mechanical Testing Services Offered


Campbell Testing

Measuring the natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotating turbine blade (bucket) rows.

Torsional Vibration

Determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a rotor train as it twists about the axis of rotation.

Vibration Diagnostics

Identify the root cause of noise and vibration problems in machinery via ODS, spectral, order tracking or joint time frequency analysis.