Ansys Optical and Photonics Simulation Software

Experience light’s interactions with simulation of optical systems & photonic components within a multiphysics environment

Optical Device Simulation

Streamline Your Design Process, Solve Complex Optical Challenges

Optics and photonics play a crucial part in developing advanced, innovative products across industries. Physics-based photonics, illumination, and imaging give you insight into your products look and operation—by eliminating costly physical prototypes and testing, businesses can focus on enhancing product efficiency and visual appeal to meet customer demand. 

From your smartphone to satellites orbiting the earth, optics and photonics are transforming the world around us. Modern optical devices require a combination of nanoscale to microscale elements and must be designed for use in complex systems, and it’s only through the combination of Ansys Lumerical, Zemax, and Speos tools that engineers can create optical and photonic systems that meet today’s demanding requirements. 

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Ansys Software | Optical & Photonic Simulation Products

The Ansys Optics solution suite uniquely simulates optical and optically enabled products from the nano- to the macro- level, allowing for integrated modeling and co-simulation that enables the accurate and robust design.

Practical Applications

Automotive Interior Lighting

Transform the vehicle interior by creatively using light to enhance driver information and well-being.


Experience your HUD system from the driver’s viewpoint, making reliable decisions based on feasibility and performance early in the design process.

General Lighting

Create and manage intelligent lighting systems from single luminaires to optical sensors running smart cities.

Autonomous Sensor Technologies

Assess camera and lidar raw signals in an integrated environment, apply electronic post-processing, and evaluate senor layout on vehicles.

Automotive Exterior

Revolutionize your exterior lighting to enhance driver safety, visual comfort, and brand identity.

VR Marketing & Sales Configurator

Improve the customer experience by virtually marketing and configuring your products in real time, with life-like virtual prototypes.