Vibration Diagnostics Testing

Vibration diagnostics are used to identify the root cause of noise and vibration problems in machinery.




SimuTech Group’s expertise in advanced vibration measurement and analysis techniques includes modal testing (rap testing or bump testing), operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis, strain gage measurements, spectrum (signature) analysis, order tracking, joint time frequency (waterfall) analysis, demodulation and finite element analysis (FEA). These capabilities plus state-of-the-art equipment, enables SimuTech to diagnose the root cause of noise and vibration problems.

Based on a clear understanding of the problem, SimuTech Group provides practical solutions including specification of isolation systems, tuned mass dampers, surface damping treatments, shaft balance and alignment procedures, excitation source control, repair procedures, natural frequency detuning, and active vibration control. SimuTech Group’s vibration diagnostics and troubleshooting services offer advanced techniques at competitive prices with a strong commitment to customer service.