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Design electronic and electrical products more quickly and cost-effectively with Ansys electromagnetic (EM) software solutions.

An Electronics Solution Suite for the Bold

For engineering design in electromechanical, thermal, signal integrity, and electromagnetic simulation, Ansys Electronics software offers best-in-class solutions.

Leverage the Ansys Electronics Solution Suite to optimize your product development process. With Ansys, you can achieve significant cost savings, ensure regulatory compliance, enhance reliability, and expedite time-to-market. Harness Ansys’ simulation capability to address critical design aspects, enabling the creation of top-tier and innovative products.


Improving Electronics Reliability at Design



Ansys CFD and thermal, chip-level integrity simulation software provide industry-leading thermal analysis and electronics cooling simulation for PC, chip-package, and systems.

CFD Model of Interior Permanent Magnet Cooling-Ansys

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Use Cases & Applications | Ansys Electronics

Power Integrity

The integrated circuit packages and printed circuit boards of modern high-speed digital designs must be analyzed via an accurate simulation tool. Find power and signal integrity problems (pre-and post-layout) with Ansys SIwave-DC. Solve all factors in PCBs and IC package high-speed digital design via high-fidelity electromagnetic numerical analyses.

Installed Antenna Performance

Antenna performance is different on vehicles or platforms than on flat, large ground planes in anechoic chambers. Before installation, how can you predict an antenna’s performance on a ship, car, tower, or aircraft? Challenging, costly measurement-based prototype procedures can be done in minutes on the desktop with Savant.

Radio Frequency Interference

When systems are in a common environment, radio frequency cosite interference can create problems, even when radio frequency systems meet specifications. Solve complex cosite interference with Ansys EMIT. EMIT’s intuitive workflow identifies root causes of problems and mitigates them in projects from handheld devices to big military systems.

Complex Frequencies & Microwaves

Engineers can simulate, design, and validate behavior in high-performance, complex radio frequency, millimeter-wave, and microwave devices for the defense and wireless communication systems of tomorrow. Break the time-consuming cycle of design iteration after iteration and multiple physical prototypes in many different applications via Ansys software.

Ensuring Signal Integrity

Design parallel buses, high-speed serial channels, and power delivery systems for today’s high-speed electronics devices with Ansys signal integrity analysis products. Achieve lower costs, better performance, and quicker time-to-market by using simulation to optimize performance before you build and test.

Power Electronics

Microprocessors are gaining in reliability and speed, so more electrical content and electronic controls are used in traditional hydraulic and mechanical processes. Through a combination of electronics, mechanical, and embedded software components, power electronic and mechatronic systems are delivering advanced automation and increasing operation efficiency.

Low Frequency Electromagnetics

Accurately characterize the transient, nonlinear motion of electromagnetic components like transformers, magnetic actuators, induction heating, and sensors with Ansys electromagnetic simulation software. Engineers can use this workflow to speed up innovative product development while meeting cost and time-to-market targets.

Electronics Cooling

Ansys CFD and thermal, chip-level integrity simulation software provide industry-leading thermal analysis and electronics cooling simulation for PC, chip-package, and systems. Select the ideal fan or heat sink solution via thermomechanical stress and airflow analyses. Conduct design trade-offs with Ansys software’s integrated workflow to improve reliability and performance.

Electric Motors

Electric machine design requires simulation tools that provide fast and accurate product development. Use finite element methods early in the process to achieve accelerated development, higher machine efficiencies with less material, and lower costs. For superior machine design and development, choose Ansys electric machine design flow for complete virtual prototyping.

Ansys Electronics Software