Ansys Motor-CAD

Ansys Motor-CAD is a specialized electric machine design tool that allows for quick multiphysics simulation over the entire torque-speed working range.

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Ansys Motor-CAD Key Features

Motor CAD

For advanced 2D and 3D electromagnetic analysis, Ansys Motor-CAD interfaces with Ansys Maxwell. Additionally, Ansys Motor-CAD interfaces with Mechanical and VRXPERIENCE to anticipate electric machine noise and vibration (psycho-acoustic). It also integrates with Ansys CFD solvers and uses air, water, and oil-based cooling strategies for cooling system design and analysis, as well as providing feedback to Motor-Thermal CAD models.

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The whole electric machine design space may be explored using comprehensive and sophisticated geometry templates. Electric machine technologies, topologies, and cooling systems are all covered by templates. Ratio-based parameterization options are a new innovation that provides unrivaled parametric design optimization possibilities.

Motorcad coupling

Virtual testing of temperature impacts across transient drive cycles or at a steady state is possible because of a combination of multi-physics analysis from the outset of the design process and in-built control algorithms.

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Modern electric machine design necessitates performance study across the entire torque/speed working range. Motor-CAD allows designers to swiftly and simply evaluate the performance of their designs across the working envelope, including field weakening behavior.

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Rapidly assess designs against a wide range of multi-physics performance criteria, including peak and continuous torque/speed characteristics.

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Any simulation of an electric machine generally requires an understanding of manufacturing effects and the impact of manufacturing process variation on performance. Motor-CAD offers built-in information to assist engineers in effectively configuring manufacturing effects, as well as simple sensitivity analysis to understand the influence of manufacturing variation on performance.

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Motor-CAD is an excellent tool for improving electric machine designs. The design space may be easily explored with powerful ratio-based optimization, and each candidate design can be evaluated against the entire performance criteria with coupled multi-physics analysis.

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Over the entire operating range, automatically extract and visualize magnetic forces as a function of time and space, and the analysis of an NVH design is made possible.

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Engineers can readily optimize rotor designs and trade-off between electromagnetic performance and mechanical constraints using rapid, computerized FEA-based rotor stress analysis.