Static Structural Analysis

Static structural analyses permit the prediction of deflection, temperature, strain, and stress distributions within a component and/or assembly.

Verification Cases & Static Structural Analyses

A static structural analysis determines the effect of steady (or static) loading conditions on a structure, while omitting inertia and damping effects, such as those caused by time varying loads.

  • Static structural measurements is the most common analysis performed for verification and/or validation, but does not indicate that they are always simple in nature.
  • In fact, these have evolved to include complex interactions within the analysis (contacts, joints, composites) to linking with other physics (fluid-structure, electromagnetic-structure).
  • Significant performance insight into a component and/or assembly can be obtained from a static simulation

Stress Levels in a Flanged
Autoclave Connection

Thermal Headlight Assembly

Response Surface

Complex Contact

Static Structural (FEA) | Practical Industry Applications

Common static structural requests and/or projects from business partners (including, but not limited to):

Once Through Steam Generator

Structural validation of finned tubes, tubesheets and supports for standard operating conditions as well as shipping and seismic. Analyses are performed using ASME guidelines (Power Generation).

Aircraft FLIR Turret Airworthiness

Structural validation of Forward-Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) for airworthiness requirements (Aerospace). A thermal imaging inspection involves using a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera to check for water and moisture.

Tracked Construction Equipment Suspension System

Verification of tracked suspension system to customer’s requirements. Aspects investigated include standard operating and extreme utilization (Industrial Products).



Amusement Park Waterslide

Verification of primary structure to customer design requirements including operations, environmental and seismic.

Sub-Sea Pipeline

Estimation of collapse pressure on nanolaminated metal alloy pipeline (Oil & Gas).

Land Grid Array (LGA) Socket

Investigation into 3D IC packaging requirements (Electronics) via static analysis.



IC Package Manufacture

Investigation into curing and chemical aging effects during molding (Electronics).


Moisture absorption and desorption prediction during reflow (Electronics).

Traveling-Wave Reactor

Analysis of fuel assemble irradiation creep and swelling (power generation).



Rail Car Wheel

Delamination and crack growth analysis for operational loading (Industrial Products).

Bone Implant

Non-linear analysis investigating implant insertion to join a fractured bone (Healthcare).

Stent Insertion

Nonlinear analysis of insertion process (Healthcare).


Large Forge Press

Investigation into cracking due to 5,000-ton force (Industrial Products).

Rubber Gasket

Sealing analysis using hyperelasticity, plasticity, mesh nonlinear adaptivity and fluid penetration (Industrial Products).

Automotive Assembly

Recent static structural analyses include stress level evaluation in a flanged autoclave connection, and optimizing thermal headlight assemblies.



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