Additive Manufacturing

Transition your R&D efforts for metal additive manufacturing into a successful manufacturing operation.

Ansys Additive Suite delivers the critical insights required by designers, engineers, and analysts to avoid build failure and create parts that accurately conform to design specifications.

This comprehensive solution spans the entire workflow — from design for additive manufacturing through validation, print design, process simulation and exploration of materials.

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Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Topology Optimization

Topology optimization for weight reduction and lattice density optimization.

STL File & Geometry Manipulation

STL file and geometry manipulation for geometry repair, lattice creation and cleanup of parts using the software’s faceted data tools.

Structural & Thermal Analysis & Design Validation

Full nonlinear, including transient, and linear analysis capability to validate designs under a vast range of scenarios. Both thermal and structural loading conditions can be applied to models to understand performance and durability.

Additive Process Simulation

A native feature in ANSYS Mechanical for predicting part shape, distortion, and stresses before printing.

Ansys Additive Print

A stand-alone product for prediction of part shape, distortion, and stresses, and for the automatic generation of optimal support structures and distortion compensated STL files.

Additive Science

A stand-alone application for design-stage investigation of materials and optimal machine parameters.