Simulation in Healthcare and Medical

Major healthcare corporations, large research institutions and start-up companies alike have turned to SimuTech Group to meet their engineering analysis needs.

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Cardiovascular Devices
  • Rotary blood pumps (CFD)
  • Blood oxygenators (CFD)
  • Blood heat exchangers (CFD)
  • Cardiac catheters (CFD)
  • Thermal balloon catheters (CFD)
  • Atherectomy devices (CFD)
  • Miniaturized implantable renal assist device (CFD)
  • Miniaturized Blood Oxygenator (CFD)
  • MEMS drug delivery catheter (CFD)
  • Laparoscopic fluid delivery device (CFD)
  • Cover for blood cell separator (FEA)

  • Spinal implants (FEA)
  • Surgical cooling device (CFD)

  • Replacement lens for cataracts surgery (FEA)
  • Contact lens on cornea (CFD)

  • Particle deposition in the human lungs (CFD)
  • Percussion bed simulation (FEA)
  • Effect of mandibular repositioning device on airway of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (CFD)

Other Applications
  • Magnetic stem cell separation device (CFD)
  • Thermal modeling of human skin (CFD)
  • Medical imaging machine frame (FEA)
  • Connector design for breathing apparatus (FEA)
  • Predicting air flow patterns within the surgical suite for infection control (CFD)