Medical Device Consulting | Healthcare meets Engineering Simulation

Major healthcare corporations, large research institutions and start-up companies alike have turned to SimuTech Group to meet their engineering analysis needs in the healthcare sector.

SimuTech Group’s medical device consulting engineers offer advanced biotechnical simulation services for companies looking to develop revolutionary medical devices.   Biotechnology, healthcare manufacturers, and technology companies can leverage SimuTech’s deep industry expertise.  All design and system-level recommendations are backed by empirical studies and state-of-the-art simulation software.  Our goal is to provide critical insights for businesses to solve the most pressing issues in the healthcare industry.

Our service offerings range from regulatory compliance, optimizing product and process design relating to manufacturing services.  On the front-end, initial product research and development, FDA specification alignment, and raw materials analysis’ is also provided.   SimuTech Group has the in-house expertise to enhance your bottom-line, and maximize your forward growth potential.


Assisting Multiple Healthcare Disciplines

      • Cardiovascular
      • Orthopedic
      • Ophthalmology
      • Respiratory
      • Dental Radiology
      • Diagnostic Equipment
      • Biotech Manufacturing
      • Laboratory Instrumentation
      • Ultrasound Image Applications
      • Blood Pressure Simulation (BPsim)
      • Modeling of Glucose Tolerance Tests
      • Simulating Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)

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Medical Device Consulting Engineers

Centrifugal Blood Pump Modeling

For over ten years, the SimuTech Group has applied CFD in healthcare simulation for the design of left and right ventricular assist devices as well as total artificial hearts. As a healthcare consultant, our focus in medical device consulting has been to provide insights guiding the development of these new blood pumps.  The end-goal being to provide the desired hydraulic performance.  In addition, minimizing regions of sustained high and low shear that could lead to blood damage or thrombus formation.



Healthcare & Medical Device Simulation | Practical Applications


Cardiovascular Devices

Pumps & Oxygenators

  • Rotary blood pumps (CFD).
  • Blood oxygenators (CFD).
  • Blood heat exchangers (CFD).
  • Miniaturized Blood Oxygenator (CFD).
  • Cover for blood cell separator (FEA).


Cardiovascular Devices

Catheters & Devices

  • Cardiac catheters (CFD).
  • Atherectomy devices (CFD).
  • Miniaturized implantable renal assist device (CFD).
  • Laparoscopic fluid delivery device (CFD).
  • Thermal balloon catheters (CFD).


  • Replacement lens for cataracts surgery (FEA).
  • Contact lens on cornea (CFD).
  • Ophthalmic surgical simulators.
  • Visual Field VR-enabled perimetry platform.
  • Virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgery.





  • Particle deposition in the human lungs (CFD)
  • Percussion bed simulation (FEA)
  • Effect of mandibular repositioning device on airway of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (CFD)


  • Spinal implants (FEA)
  • Surgical cooling device (CFD)
  • MEMS drug delivery catheter (CFD)
  • Medical imaging machine frame (FEA)
  • Orthopedic device 3D printing and simulation


Other Applications
  • Magnetic separation devices (CFD)
  • Thermal modeling of human skin (CFD)
  • Connector design for breathing apparatus (FEA)
  • Predicting air flow patterns within the surgical suite for infection control (CFD)