Failure Analysis (Durability and Fatigue)

Component failures are often not due to a single event, but due to accumulative damage caused by a series of events.

The typical fatigue process is to maintain stress / strain levels below the allowable for the required number of cycles.

Multiple loads often occur and will have a different cycle requirement. Ansys Fatigue, or the more advanced nCODE can predict the component life. An alternative approach is to understand that a crack exists in the component. The crack is analyzed to determine whether it will propagate, and if so, at what rate.

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FEA Consulting Projects

Nuclear Reactor System Head Crack Propagation

Performed fracture mechanics simulations to propagate crack in a reactor system flat header subject to thermal and pressure cycling.

Power Generation Support Bracket Fatigue Evaluation

Investigated low and high cycle fatigue on silencer baffle support bracket for thermal and operational loading.

Oil Sands Conveyor Link Life Investigation

Analyzed large conveyor chain link for comparative fatigue loading.

Aerospace V-Coupling Fatigue

Evaluation of circular V-coupling (clamp) for preload, pressure and thermal loading.

Aerial Work Platform

Weld fatigue evaluation.


Solder joint reliability analysis.

Mold Die

Fatigue analysis to determine early life failure.

Airplane Landing Gear

Determination of maintenance times for landing gear due to extension / retraction.

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