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SimuTech Group provides a complete range of DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) consulting services for bulk particle modeling and interactions using best-in-class Rocky DEM software technology.

Our team of world class engineers work directly with Rocky OEM developers and support personnel to insure timely and high-fidelity analysis results on a fixed-cost or time and materials basis.

Particle analysis engineering, which involves analyzing for optimal particle size, size distribution, morphology and surface characteristics, has gained increasing relevance in the industries of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agronomics, milling, metals/mining, and manufacturing.


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Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):

Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):

Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):
Debris Accumulation

Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):
Wood Chips

Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):
Grain Breakage

Rocky DEM (Discrete Element Modeling):
Shell Particles

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