Thermal Analysis (Thermal Stress) FEA

Accurate prediction of temperature distributions is critical to performing a thermal stress analysis.

Forces generated by thermal expansion can be significant and proper analysis techniques need to be implemented.

With Ansys’s capabilities in conduction, convection, radiation, temperature dependent material models, and internal heat generation, complex systems can be accurately simulated. These can be further advanced by performing FSI with a CFD model.

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FEA Consulting Projects

Power Generation Ducting Structure

Combined CFD with FEA to predict temperature distributions on high temperature ducting internal support structure .

Ammonia Plant Outlet Header Thermal Failure Investigation

Analysis of ammonia plant outlet header assembly to investigate cracking of pipe lining refractory.

Battery Charging Case

Thermal analysis of battery charging case accounting for internal radiation and varying environmental conditions.

High Voltage Switch

Combined electromagnetic / thermal analysis of switch to account for joule heating.

Thermoelectric Generator

Transient response of energy harvesting system.

Computer Chips

Determination of temperature distribution and heat flux with varying environmental conditions.

Electronics Enclosure

Determination of temperature curves during high and low power settings with device charging.

Power Plant Tube Wall Shielding Plate

Optimization of design to maintain temperatures and stresses in defined acceptable range.

Power Generating Device

Thermal optimization.

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