Reacting Flow, Chemistry, and Combustion Analysis

Ansys Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities include calculating the advective and diffusive transportation of different chemical species and the resulting mixing of species.

Ansys can also model detailed complete chemical reactions with its Reaction Design CHEMKIN chemistry solver.

Coupling the detailed flow field and chemistry, complex real-world reactions/combustion problems can be solved, even up to thousands of chemical reactions, allowing the prediction of even minor chemical species in complex real geometries.

CFD Consulting Projects

Combustion Chamber

Modeled the combustion process in a mixing rate limited transient multiphase reaction chamber to calculate the heat production of the chamber.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Modeled the detailed chemistry of the CVD process which included the detailed surface chemistry. The resulting deposition rate and uniformity was predicted for a given chemical vapor deposition chamber.

Rotary Fiberizer

Predicted the temperature and velocity profiles at the exit of the combustion chamber for a rotary fiberizer process. The model used the fast chemistry model and solver to include all the required chemical mechanisms.

Multistage Reactor

Modeled the multispecies thermal flow of supercritical water and cold hydrocarbons through a series of mixing tees, reactors, and heat exchangers.

Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber

Performed thrust and flow analysis of a space shuttle rocket engine combustion chamber with steering from eccentric rod application.