Ansys Chemkin-Pro

Ansys Chemkin-Pro is the leader in modeling complex chemically reacting systems. No matter the complexity, Chemkin-Pro provides extremely fast high fidelity results.

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Ansys Chemkin-Pro | Key Features and Capabilities


Be able to identify key combustion characteristics from ignition times to flame structures. Evaluate the impact of conditions based on the characteristics you choose to study. Calculate the impact on fuel composition.

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Chemkin-Professional allows you to predict and analyze CO, NOx, and soot. Extract the necessary information on particle sizes and number distributions.

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Ansys Chemkin-Professional allows you to create an equivalent reactor network directly from your Ansys CFD analysis/model. Use Ansys CP to to map predictions of emissions from gas turbines, estimate lean blow off propensities, and map your chemistry results onto your geometries. This chemical kinetics simulation software provides the information you need to predict where and how emissions are formed.

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Ansys Chemkin-Pro helps you create a customized fuel model that matches the exact physical or chemical properties of real fuel. The tool also allows you to automatically reduce the reaction mechanism to a size better-fit for use in Ansys CFD tools through the automatic mechanism reduction feature.

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Chemkin Professional provides the deep insights you need to improve and design the CVD process. Explore your options and extrapolate key answers to what affects deposition rates and why.

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CFD Enterprise

To benefit from all the computational fluid dynamic solvers that Ansys offers, choose the CFD Enterprise toolkit. CFD Enterprise offers full versions of Ansys Fluent, AIM Pro, and CFX to help you optimize product performance with well-validated physical modeling capabilities that deliver quick, accurate results.

Engineers use Ansys CFX for the most accurate, robust, and rapid simulation for rotating machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines. Companies in the glass, metals, polymer, and cement industries can choose Ansys Polyflow for advanced fluid dynamics technology.

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Today’s experienced engineers need well-validated CFD results to analyze products quickly and thoroughly. With full versions of Ansys Fluent, CFX, and SpaceClaim included, CFD Premium provides accurate, quick, and robust results.

Engineers can simulate IC engine combustion performance with Ansys Forte. Simulate with nearly any type of fuel to quickly design high-efficiency, clean-burning engines that are fuel flexible. To ensure speed and safety for in-flight icing certification, Ansys FENSAP-ICE provides accurate, rapid aircraft icing assessments, along with other comprehensive analysis in the aerospace industry.