Ansys EnSight

EnSight is the industry leader in simulation data visualization. EnSight is capable of handling large simulation datasets for all physics and engineering disciplines.

Postprocessing a Fluent Case with Ansys EnSight

EnSight is able to process large datasets without any issues. EnSight can process models that have more than hundreds of millions of cells which is why it is the industry leading simulation software for all disciplines for data visualization.

Software for All Simulation Engineering Disciplines

Import your data from various simulations and quickly analyze performance all from one single application. In addition, third-party integrations are readily accepted within Ansys Ensight’ intuitive 3D design platform


Ansys EnSight Key Features

ensight simulation

Ansys EnSight’s interactive, dynamic, and exploratory capabilities provide powerful insights for CFD simulations. Everything from the powerful calculator operations to the numerous viewports and rapid transient post processing to the interactive clips, isosurfaces, and streamlines offers an environment where users can quickly and dynamically explore, extract, and gather key insights about the solution.

ensight fea

Ansys Ensight’s post processing capabilities help a wide variety of FEA simulations by creating high quality rendering (material properties and ray traced renderings) that allow for more realistic animations.

ensight multibody dynamics

Ansys Ensight provides powerful animations that can track camera movement, keyframe animations, and integrate graphs to help visually explain the complex movements in an insightful way.

Ansys Ensight’s particle display methods allow DEM simulations to display high particle counts while maintaining high frame rates. Ensight allows you to color and filter particles based on your chosen variable values to extract key information, metrics, and visuals from DEM simulations.

ensight cae

Ansys EnSight provides a consistent method to create incredible visuals and offers the ability to read over 50 different types of simulation formats. Gain insightful data and information by post processing coupled multiphysics analyses together within a single viewport.

All Ansys CFD-based Software & Products

Ansys CFD Licenses

CFD Enterprise

To benefit from all the computational fluid dynamic solvers that Ansys offers, choose the CFD Enterprise toolkit. CFD Enterprise offers full versions of Ansys Fluent, AIM Pro, and CFX to help you optimize product performance with well-validated physical modeling capabilities that deliver quick, accurate results.

Engineers use Ansys CFX for the most accurate, robust, and rapid simulation for rotating machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines. Companies in the glass, metals, polymer, and cement industries can choose Ansys Polyflow for advanced fluid dynamics technology.

CFD Premium

Today’s experienced engineers need well-validated CFD results to analyze products quickly and thoroughly. With full versions of Ansys Fluent, CFX, and SpaceClaim included, CFD Premium provides accurate, quick, and robust results.

Engineers can simulate IC engine combustion performance with Ansys Forte. Simulate with nearly any type of fuel to quickly design high-efficiency, clean-burning engines that are fuel flexible. To ensure speed and safety for in-flight icing certification, Ansys FENSAP-ICE provides accurate, rapid aircraft icing assessments, along with other comprehensive analysis in the aerospace industry.