Torsional Vibration Measurements Analysis & Testing

Torsional vibration measurements are used to determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a rotor train as it twists about the axis of rotation.








Importance of Torsional Vibration Measurements

The Cost Burdens of Accumulative Fatigue

Shaft torsional vibration in large steam turbine-generator units is produced by momentary grid disturbances and negative sequence currents.

In addition, shaft natural frequencies can be directly associated with the prevalent torsional excitation, augmenting the subsequent vibratory response.

If these vibrations persist and go undetected, accumulative fatigue can damage rotor elements such as turbine blades, retaining rings, and couplings.

In terms of cost analysis, the price businesses pay upfront for testing/consulting services is miniscule compared to that of a complete unit restoration, not including the comprehensive failure investigation which would need to be conducted beforehand.

Advanced computational methods are employed by SimuTech Group engineers in the field to determine shaft natural frequencies throughout the design phase so that detrimental resonance conditions can be avoided.








Our Commitment to Quality

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All representatives of SimuTech Group working in the field carry current first aid, AED, and CPR credentials and are professionally trained for working at heights and working in confined spaces.



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