Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Ansys Electronics Desktop enables engineers to easily combine the unmatched accuracy of Ansys electromagnetic 3D and 2.5D field solvers and the powerful circuit- and system-level solutions in Ansys RF Option to diagnose, isolate and eliminate EMI and radio-frequency issues (RFI) early in the design cycle.

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Common applications include the following:


Radiated emissions

Radiated Emissions from SATA Connected PCBs Near Open PCIE and Fan Apertures

Conducted emissions

Near Field Coupling Path from Source PCB to Output Cables for Electric Vehicle Battery Charger

Radiated susceptibility

Susceptibility Issues Between Local Phased Array and High-Speed Digital Lanes Closing Eye Diagram in Handheld Electronic Device

Immunity Testing

Shielding Study in 4-Pair Cable Under Bulk Current Injection Clamp

Lighting Strike Analysis or ESD

Lighting Strike Analysis on Helicopter