FEA Optimization

Markets have become significantly more competitive and having small gains in performance can make or break success.

Optimization can be measured in many ways, cost, weight, deflection, pressure drop, and life are but a few. By either parameterization or topological optimization designs can be improved to their maximum potential.

The siblings to optimization are sensitivity and robustness. Some designs may have great performance under ideal manufacturing and environmental conditions, but minor variations quickly degrade this. Often the best design isn’t the one that has the best performance for one condition but has good performance over a variety of conditions. It should be noted that this can be used to reduce costs as well. Maintaining tight machine tolerances will increase costs. If the design is not sensitive to this variable; these can be opened.

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FEA Consulting Projects

Steel Diaphragm

Maximization of deflection under pressure load, while minimizing stress.

Power Plant Frame

Structural optimization.

Power Generating Device

Optimization under thermal and structural loads.

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