Ansys Icepak

Ansys Icepak is a CFD solver for electronics thermal management. It predicts airflow, temperature and heat transfer in IC packages, PCBs, electronic assemblies/enclosures and power electronics.

Electronics Cooling & PCB Thermal Simulation and Analysis.

For thermal and fluid flow studies of integrated circuits (ICs), packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and electronic assemblies, Ansys Icepak offers powerful electronic cooling solutions that use the industry-leading Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. The graphical user interface for the Ansys Icepak CFD solver is Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) (GUI).

  • Unstructured, Body-fitted Meshing
  • High-fidelity CFD Solver
  • Comprehensive Thermal Reliability Solution
  • Industry Leading Multiscale Multiphysics

Resonant mode simulation with SIwave software

Ansys Icepak Key Features