Ansys Nuhertz FilterSolutions | RF Design 

Nuhertz FilterSolutions provides automated RF, microwave and digital filter design, synthesis and optimization in an efficient, intuitive process.


What differentiates Nuhertz FilterSolutions?

  1. Performance specification for Layout-to-EM-Optimization in a single smooth workflow
  2. Highly accurate distributed filter layout synthesis based on EM-derived model discontinuities and couplings
  3. Ability to evaluate the widest range of filter topologies (Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev I and II, Elliptic, Gaussian, Delay, Hourglass
  4. Integrates with HFSS for gold-standard EM analysis accuracy and for EM-based optimization
  5. Ability to synthesize filter topologies for analog and digital filter topologies; a single tool for creating accurate filters for both
    analog and digital signal processing (DSP) applications
  6. Planar filter realizations in the widest available media classes (microstrip, stripline, asymmetric stripline, suspended substrate)

Ansys Nuhertz FilterSolutions Key Features