Automated Product Optimization using Ansys Fluent

Ansys Fluent Product Optimization | Ansys Webinar:

You are designing a product and trying to improve it.  Consequently, finding small changes to improve performance is critical. Whether minimizing pressure drop, reducing drag, increasing lift or improving the heat transfer rate, Ansys Fluent product optimization will get you there.

Shape optimization can help you find the optimal solution. Ansys Fluent adjoint solver takes your stated goals and uses them to automatically morph and optimize the geometry. As a result, we recommend this webinar to see how adjoint methods can help deliver your product optimization goals.


Optimization of Shapes in Ansys Fluent

The adjoint solver in Ansys Fluent enables the use of gradient-based optimization techniques for shape optimization.

Moreover, the adjoint solver in Ansys Fluent is a smart shape optimization tool that uses CFD simulation results to find the best solutions based on stated objectives.  This includes, reducing drag, maximizing lift-over-drag ratio, reducing pressure drop, and more.  And finally, employing Fluent’s computational solver to precisely determine how to optimally change the design state.

The Ansys Fluent Adjoint Solver

In addition, students will learn about the functions of the adjoint solver, design tool, and gradient-based optimizer in this course.  From here, using the tools independently to perform shape optimization, and address issues like reducing pressure drop or increasing flow uniformity.

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