Kinetic Consulting | Engineering Services

SimuTech Group is your go-to engineering source for kinetics in chemical and technological fields.

We are an independent kinetic consulting engineering group, specializing in chemical, material science, and technological automation.   SimuTech Group offers clients value-added solutions in strategic analysis, product design and development, and guidance for manufacturing scale-up and production.

We have contributed to scores of U.S. and CA patents, as well as their foreign counterparts, due to the industry and regulation expertise of our engineers.

From concept development and opportunity analysis to product design and commercialization, we have helped clients from all over the world, including both small and large organizations.

Our consulting engagement aims to establish a cooperative partnership with client businesses in order to satisfy every aspect of our customers’ technology requirements. In this way, we offer solutions and advice that guarantee the accomplishment of our clients’ goals. The Partners have a wealth of experience overseeing business growth, product development, and research.

Kinetic Consulting | Services

  • Technology Assessment & Guidance
  • Detailed Opportunity Analysis
  • Product and/or Component Design and Development
  • Intellectual Property Analysis and Compliance
  • Operating and System-Level Simulation
  • Industry-Specific Competitive Benchmarking
  • Future Market Opportunities Identification

Kinetic Consulting | Industries & Application

  • Biomedical and Industrial Adhesives and Coatings
  • Computational Molecular Modeling
  • Fertilizer and Agriculture Mechanization
  • Rapid Simulation of Nanomaterials
  • Manufacturing Systems and Consumer Goods
  • Ingredients for cosmetics and personal care
  • Long-Term Innovation Process Development

Plastics Manufacturer uses Advanced Analytics to Increase Yield

A new process setting drastically lowers the amount of expensive ingredients used

A major US plastics manufacturer asked SimuTech Group for assistance in streamlining production at seven of its facilities. The engineering team was especially interested in finding ways to use less of a crucial component included in many polymers and related chemicals. We assisted in lowering usage of the component, acetic acid, by 20% in just four weeks of analysis.

Acetic acid usage had been significant in the years prior to our participation, and it had been one of the major variable costs for the business.  Upon request, we rapidly put together a team of consultants, data scientists, and process engineers to help solve the issue.


Seize the Day, While Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability

The ability to generate value is crucial during periods of significant change. Business process functions, such as supply chain, 0perations, chemicals and kinetics, as well as industry-specific services, like agriculture, consumer goods manufacturing, health care and biotechnology, have all been severely disrupted.  That is, as a result of recent societal, industry, and technological disruption.

Consequently, it’s clear that the operating model is crucial.  It has the capacity to both manage change and adapt in order to support company goals.  In effect, resulting in increased resilience, agility, competitive advantage, and profitable results. With the support of intelligent operations, SimuTech Group is assisting customers in streamlining and modernizing business processes.  As a result, businesses become more flexible to market conditions and operationally, are more data-driven, AI-powered, and cloud-enabled.  Ultimately, this ensures clients can operate more productively, expand more quickly, and work smarter with kinetics.


FEA Consulting | Application & Industries

Dynamic Analysis

Kinematic Analysis

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code


Thermal Analysis (Thermal Stress)

Failure Analysis (Durability and Fatigue)


Industry and Military Standards

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