Ansys Motion – A New Dedicated Multibody Dynamics Tool

Simulating Multibody Dynamics and Kinematics

Our clients working in multibody dynamics and kinematics have an outstanding new simulation tool: Ansys Motion.

Ansys Motion can help engineers:

  • Find more accurate boundary conditions during static analyses
  • Solve big deformation problems while incorporating non-linear material properties
  • Perform kinematic analyses of mechanical systems
  • Analyze high-speed rotation problems with complex geometry

At its core, tightly coupled rigid and flexible solvers that are powerful and fast allow engineers to study situations beyond what is possible in Ansys RBD (Rigid Body Dynamics). Modal flexible, meshed flexible, and rigid parts can be tied together with standard joints and connections so accurate loadings on the components can be calculated.

Additionally, this standalone solution for multibody dynamics and flexible multibody dynamics uses its own pre- and post-processor and solver. Pre-processing is integrated into Ansys Mechanical via an ACT extension.

Ansys Motion | Core Benefits

The benefits of Ansys Motion include:

Fast simulation speed – Simulation speed for a large degree of freedom systems can be accelerated. Moreover, the speed can be further accelerated under SMP parallel processing environment.

Reliable and accurate solutions – Implicit integration method yields stable and accurate solutions.

Tightly integrated multi-body and structural analysis solvers – Governing equilibrium equations for rigid body, flexible body, force entities, and joints are solved simultaneously.

Large degrees of freedom systems – A customized sparse solver for the mixed system of rigid and flexible bodies can handle large degrees of freedom systems.

Elements and connections – Various modeling elements and entities are available for structural analysis and multi-body analysis models.

3D surface contact – Both surface representations of NURBS and facet types are supported.

Modal and nodal flexible body methods – Nodal and modal flexible bodies are supported and can be easily switched from one to another.

Easy interface – By using user subroutines, FMIs, and MATLAB, Ansys Motion can be interfaced with other software.  In addition, third-party applications integrate seamlessly.

Derailleur gear change


Flexible caterpillar track behavior

Ansys Motion | Application Compatibility

Multibody-Dynamics-and-Kinematics-Simulation-SimuTech-GroupAnsys Motion works especially well with the following applications:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • 3D contact systems
  • Coupled systems of multi-body motion and structural deformation
  • Long duration dynamic analysis problems

Additional toolkits enable specialized applications, including:

  • Vehicle ride and handling
  • Powertrain design
  • Analyses of systems with linkages like chains, belts, and continuous tracks
  • Mesh-free flexible solver

Ansys Motion is included with the recent release of Ansys 2019 R1 (available on the Ansys Customer Portal).

For more information on Ansys Motion, please contact SimuTech Group.

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