Benefits of Being a Technical Enhancement and Customer Support (TECS) Client

What is TECS?

Have you ever found yourself faced with a unique and complex problem that you just can’t seem to figure out? Have you wished that there was a person that you could talk to about this specific and complex problem? Do you wish you had one more analyst or engineer on your team? Our Technical Enhancement and Customer Support (TECS) is just that.

Technical Customer Support | Accredited Engineers

SimuTech Group’s on-staff engineers have decades of experience and unmatched expertise. From space and defense to medical devices, our TECS engineers can help you understand and solve your complex design problem.

However, our engineers are not only using Ansys Simulation Software to help answer support questions, but they are also using the software daily for their own projects. No matter which physics discipline, our TECS members can offer insight into how you can best apply and utilize all the features.

Notably, this includes betas, new technologies, and general advancements of the Ansys Software suite.  Core examples include,  simulating a non-linear material property, coupling thermal and structural models, and increasing efficiency of existing models and processes.

In effect, allowing you and your team to achieve the optimum solution for your unique problem, on time.

What are the benefits of being on TECS?

Being on TECS is much more than receiving excellent technical enhancement and customer support that addresses industry-wide engineering problems.

Notably, a crucial distinction from our competitors is that our TECS customers receive priority service benefits*. Benefits like access to the Ansys Customer Portal where individuals can find tips and tricks about the Ansys Software and frequently asked questions.

In addition, timely release of corrective and adaptive maintenance, to ensure that your software is running at the speed and dependability that you need it to. Frequently updated software releases featuring enhanced capabilities and cutting-edge technologies.

*Benefits are based on an annual subscription fee which is determined by licensing.

Why being on TECS is important for project management:

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of being on TECS is always having the current version of the Ansys Software. While it is possible to run certain problems on old software, there are three (3) core updates a year.  With various technology and user advancements, a need for training inevitably exists.

Finally, staying current with your Ansys Software gives you peace of mind that your project will be on time, current, and accurate.


Have you found yourself off TECS? Contact us to find out about Ansys’ special Back on TECS promotions that fit your needs.