SimuTech Group collaborates with EAC to enhance Ansys simulation offerings

Rochester, NY: After months of collaboration, EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) and SimuTech Group officially formed a strategic partnership that will increase Ansys simulation offerings and support. As active members of the Ansys Channel Partner Program, these organizations will now join forces to increase geographic coverage and support across the United States.

Enhanced Ansys Simulation Offerings

With this partnership, EAC will have the opportunity to increase their multi-physics technical support capabilities. For SimuTech Group, this new relationship will expand the scope of their business portfolio offerings around product and simulation data management such as ThingWorx IoT experiences (with Digital Twin) and Vuforia technology (virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities).

Ansys Simulation Suite

SimuTech Group offers partnership and expertise through the entire Ansys simulation suite, technical support, Ansys training, simulation consulting, and physical testing services. They empower their clients to push the boundaries of innovation and help deliver transformational products. Specializing in finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and electromagnetics (EMAG), they continue to be an Ansys Elite Channel Partner with a 35+ year relationship with Ansys. SimuTech Group currently employs around 120+ employees with offices located across the United States and Canada, enabling them to support engineers all over the world with their expertise in simulation and services.

“As an Ansys Elite Channel Partner, our teams have worked hard to establish and maintain a customer-centric culture. We have found that combining our passion for technology with our customer focused culture, what you get is a vast number of organizations innovating and creating some of the world’s most breakthrough technologies. By helping our customers see their design challenges from both an engineering perspective and a product-design simulation perspective, we have been able to help improve tomorrow’s essential technologies. We’re happy when our customers are happy.”
– Rick James, CEO SimuTech Group

EAC, based in Minneapolis, MN, is a Premier PTC partner and aims to increase their overall multi-physics simulation offerings alongside their product development services. EAC provides forward thinking solutions that helps transform the way companies today are designing, manufacturing, connecting, and servicing their products. Their solutions in product lifecycle management have helped companies optimize and enhance their product development systems and ultimately win in their respective marketplaces. Visit EAC’s YouTube channel for more information.

As a major player in the PTC ecosystem, EAC is known for their unrivaled proficiency within product development, systems, architecture, and innovative solutions – particularly those are that related to Product Lifecycle Management (PML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented Reality (AR).

The Gold Standard of Simulation Offerings

Ansys provides the gold standard of multi-physics simulation software across all industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, technology, industrial, military, and many others. For more information on simulation offerings and capabilities please contact SimuTech Group.

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