Delphi Automotive Utilizes Strain Gage Measurement Testing to Enhance Product Testing and Evaluate Capabilities


Delphi is a leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems, including automotive radiators and heating/colling systems. Delphi sought ways to optimize its heat exchanger designs by measuring thermal strain under a variety of loading conditions. To enhance its product testing and evaluation capabilities Delphi sought a partner with extensive strain gage measurement experience and found SimuTech Group.


Traditional pass/fail product testing does not provide the detailed information required to determine design margins and efficiently optimize radiator designs. The critical strain locations on these heat exchangers require very small gages and can be difficult to access.


SimuTech Group developed specialized strain gage mounting techniques for precisely locating very small gages.

As we strive for lighter weight, optimized heat exchanger designs, it becomes more and more important to know the product’s ultimate design limitations. Product validation is usually completed using traditional testing techniques such as pressure cycle, thermal cycle, and vibration testing.
SimuTech Group has provided us with strain instrumentation expertise that coupled with our traditional testing procedures has allowed us to better understand our product design limitations.

– Karl K., Test Engineering Group, Delphi Automotive

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