Features, Advantages, and Benefits of SimuTrain


Learn how SimuTech Group’s Ansys online training platform, SimuTrain™, offers self-paced courses for new and existing Ansys users. With SimuTrain™, users can explore new physics at the tips of their fingers. Gain access to hundreds of training workshops, presentations, demos, and tips & tricks videos that can provide you with the support and solutions for today’s leading design applications, simulation products, and industry topics. With 24/7 availability, SimuTrain™ is your go-to solution online training platform for all things Ansys.

There has been a distinct trend towards more multi-physics industrial applications. Ansys has been heavily investing in improvements of its software interfaces and new features are constantly being added. SimuTrain™ created a new channel that feeds the new information in a productive way with quick-start sessions and tip and tricks videos. Currently serving 450+ courses/releases with 9800+ articles and videos. The website content is actively updated by SimuTech Group’s own materials. In addition, we are closely collaborating with several other partners to broaden the content even more.

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